Aluminium Scaffolding

  • Lightweight Aluminium Scaffolding
  • Quick to assemble & dismantle
  • 3 Configurations Available:
    • Standard Span: 1800mm L x 1500mm W (Height: 2.2m up to 12.2m)
    • Narrow Span: 1800mm L x 900mm W (Height: 2.2m up to 8.2m)
    • Stairwell Tower: 1800mm L x 1500mm W (Height: 2.5m up to 14.5m)


  • Handrails on all towers
  • Stabilizers on all towers above 4.5m
  • Trap-access platforms on all towers
  • Glass-filled tempered nylon hooks:
    • Colour-coded for easy identification
  • Frames:
    • Equipped with floating spigots for easy erection and dismantling
    • Large T-piece joints, cover 800mm of the upright for extra strength
    • Stairwell frames have five rungs, making them extremely strong
  • Lockable, Height Adjustable Castors on all towers:
    • 200mm poly-urethane wheels
    • Each castor has a brake and swivel action
  • Lock braces:
    • Unique short braces that lock frames securely together

Self Lock Steel Scaffolding

  • Tubular Access Scaffolding
  • Designed for Painters, Waterproofers, Signage Riggers etc.
  • Easy to erect & dismantle
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Base Sizes: 1.5m L x 1.5m W / 2.1m L x 2.1m W
  • Tower Heights Available:
    • 5m Base: 2m up to 8m
    • 1m Base: 2m up to 10m
  • All Standard Towers include the following components:
    • Frames
    • Tie Bars
    • Cross Braces
    • Steel Decks
    • Castors or Base Jacks
  • Optional Extra’s available on request:
    • Access Ladder
    • Knee Brace
    • Toe Board Set
    • Trap Door & Trap Door Platform

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