Active Standing Mat

The Active Standing Mat has a contoured surface that’s specifically engineered to encourage movement while standing. With space for static standing, the 2.5cm thick floor, which is much thicker than most “cheaper” mats, provides excellent cushioning comfort while the contoured side walls and the central rounded ball allow you to move around and change your positioning on the mat.

Sloped sidewalls allow you to elevate one or both feet, stretch your calves and stand comfortably with a wider stance. The central massage ball massages and stretches your feet. The Active Standing Mat is easy to slide out of the way when not in use.

The Active Standing Mat is manufactured with a premium, high-density molded foam. It’s a solid, 1-piece design without pleather or other cheap materials to hide defects. Industrial design engineers calculated the correct density and materials to provide cushioned, anti-fatigue properties that you can actually feel as soon as you step on the mat.

Size, dimensions and properties of the mat are based on human factor principles – it’s small and light enough to be easily moved but large enough to give you room to move. The Active Standing mat fits perfectly in most cubicles and offices and it’s the ultimate compliment to any standing desk!

Product Weight: 2.2kg
Product Dimensions: (H 160 x W 860 x D 508 mm)
Premium Construction (non-rigid & no vinyl covering to hide defects)

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