How to Tastefully Match your Office to your Brand Colours

You work so hard to define your company brand and to make it stand out from the rest, so shouldn’t it be incorporated in your office décor?

Easier said than done, isn’t it? In trying to maintain a professional and classy appearance, we tend to stick to neutral colours. But this risks us coming across as boring and losing our brand identity.

We’ve put together a few tips of subtle and effective ways to include your brand colour scheme in your office space.

Step 1: Establish your accent colours

Logos and branding can be made up of just one colour, or even five colours! Consider which of your brand colours will be most suitable as your accent colour around the office. To not come across as haphazard and random, stick to one or two accent colours only, not more. Also bear in mind that the more unique colours will be less available in office furniture, so save those for the aspects that allow you to choose the exact shades and tones, such as paint or curtains and blinds.

Step 2: Take stock of your neutral colours

Determine what neutral colours are in the majority in your office space and pull your neutrals across the office for consistency. These constants will help your accent colours pop. Examples of neutral colours are shades of white, cream, grey, navy, brown, beige and black. These are best used for walls, carpets, desks and doors.

Step 3: Find the areas that you can get creative with

Sometimes an accent wall or having all of the doors painted in an accent colour can spice up the office. Maybe you want your boardroom to have more colour and branding than the rest of the office. Perhaps you’re renting office space and are limited with what your landlord will allow you to change. It could be that your head office is very particular about what you can and can’t do. But once you have an idea of your parameters, you can go wild within them.

Step 4: Visit Workstation

We offer a range of office furniture and supplies which give you the freedom to flaunt your brand’s style and vibe. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Office dividers and dividers for cluster desks can give you the perfect balance of your neutral colour with your accent colour, while remaining functional and fun.
  • Modern office furniture shines when juxtaposing your brand colours with a classic black or grey. Our range of operator, economy, managerial and executive office chairs are perfect for adding just a touch of colour along with an abundance of comfort.
  • If you’ve got a neutral couch in the waiting areas, a tasteful way to bring in your accent colour is through cushions.
  • Plastic chairs are available is a variety of colours and are perfect for break rooms, meeting rooms and other miscellaneous rooms. These pair perfectly with neutral tables and desks.
  • For rooms used for meeting with clients, signage can bring in brand awareness with your logo and colours.
  • Glass boards in your accent colour are the perfect base to write on during your planning and strategising sessions and it is easy to wipe clean and edit as you go. You can even have your logo as a watermark to add that finishing touch.
  • For those who value attention to detail, the Brother labelling machine offers a plethora of colours to choose from as you go about organising your files, folders and shelves around the office.

So if you’re ready to take your office to the next level with your brand colours, contact us and let’s get started!

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