How to Pick the Perfect Office Chair

If you’ve worked for a small company, you’ll know the pain of sitting on a bad office chair for the whole day, and to some extent, your back is still feeling the pain. Lousy office chairs have led many employees to have back injuries, and in many cases, this has led to companies losing good workers.

As a business owner or procurement officer, choosing good office chairs for your employees or colleagues isn’t always the first thing in mind. The first thing in mind is that you need office chairs that sell at a reasonable price. However, the question is, does a “reasonable price” translate into a good office chair? Well, anything selling at a reasonable price typically doesn’t last, and when they do, the quality is in most instances compromised. So, how do you pick the perfect office chair?

gc6At Workstation Office Furniture we have years of experience in the office furniture industry and have serviced many new and established companies with office goods. With that experience, we have come to know just how to pick the perfect office chair in three simple steps.


Any good office chair needs to be able to support your back for long hours; this increases productivity and minimizes lost hours due to discomfort or injuries. When picking good office chairs, you need to ensure they are comfortable and have full back support. Each chair should provide a variety of adjustable positions.

The GC6 – High Back Chair from our 2019 catalogue is a prime example of a good office chair that meets the requirements of a chair that has excellent back support.



lc6Imagine sitting on an office chair that can’t adjust to your height, it will be very frustrating. The perfect office chair should be able to adapt to your height for optimal comfort. This will enable your thighs to be horizontal to the floor and ensure you are in a comfortable position. When looking for an adjustable height chair, make sure it has a pneumatic adjustment lever to let you bring the seat higher or lower.

The LC6 – High Back Chair is a perfect example of an office chair that has suitable height adjustment.



Making sure your office chair has a contoured backrest will give your back the comfort and support it needs. It’s always best to choose a chair that is shaped to match the natural contour of your spine. Any good office chair will offer excellent lumbar support. Your lower back should at all times be supported in a way that it is slightly arched all the time so that you don’t slump as the day progresses. It is essential to try out this feature so that you get lumbar support at the point you need it. Proper lower back or lumbar support is critical to minimize strain or compression on the lumbar discs in your spine.

Our TC6B – High Back Chair is one of the office chairs in our catalogue that has excellent lumbar support.

When looking at starting a new company or even looking at getting modern office chairs for the rest of your team, give us a call. Our team is here to ensure you receive the best service and office furniture solutions in South Africa. We continue to cater our services to small and large businesses across the board, and providing our office furniture delivery services into numerous towns in the Eastern Cape.

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