Easy Steps to Improving your Office Reception

An office reception is the first point of contact with any office. It is a place where the company's first impression is made and where its image needs to be well maintained at all times. Somehow, to this day, we still find reception areas that are substandard to how a reception area should be.

The good news is that you don't have to hire an interior decorator to redecorate your reception area. You can make some small, powerful changes just by thinking differently and paying close attention to your clients' experience. The first change is all in your mind, by thinking out of the box and allowing for creativity, your office can have an improved reception.


What's the exact message you're trying to send with your reception area? For most companies, the message will tie in with your brand: the other characteristics you're trying to associate with your company. For instance, if you've branded your company as fun and vibrant, the primary mission of your front desk might be to energize and inspire people who walk in.

If the most important thing for your company to project is a sense of expertise and professionalism, the primary purpose of the front desk might be to evoke feelings of honesty, capability, and competency. With your brand in mind, you will be able to find distinct elements that can be infused to create a reception area that resonates with your brand.


The lighting to any room affects our moods and thoughts, and when strategically used, it can make your visitors comfortable and relaxed.
Natural light is of course always the best option, if there are windows in your office, shade them appropriately to allow in as much natural light as possible while preventing glare. In the case where you utilize artificial lighting, it is best to use a blend of direct and indirect, warm-white light to create a friendly atmosphere and stage the front desk area appropriately, so it is recognized at once. Highlight architectural features with accent lights to make the entrance or foyer area come alive, telling visitors a story about your company, its visions and its personality. Use lighting to guide visitors in a way that feels natural to them.


Having magazines in your reception area is a thing of the past, magazines get old and are often neglected to gather dust, which isn't the right image for any company. One of the best ways to keep your visitors engaged and entertained as they wait for their appointment is through books. Invest in some coffee table books - think landscapes, animals, and portraits. Books with large, beautiful pictures make it easy for parents to read alongside their young children.


An essential part of any reception area is the person behind the reception desk. How they look, their behaviour, and generally how they welcome people that come to your business is critical. These are the people that set the tone to the kind of company you are. It is vital to ensure that your receptionist embodies the company's standards from how they dress to how they speak. This will ensure that your visitors get an excellent first impression of the company.


Imagine going into a reception area with lousy furniture, that immediately rings alarm bells. The furniture to the reception should be picked correctly to meet the brand's image. It is not necessary to look for an interior designer, merely understanding your company's intended vision and brand should ensure that you find the perfect furniture for this area.

At Workstation our work is to ensure your office furniture resonates with your company’s brand image. Get in touch with us, and our expert team will help you create the perfect reception area. Whether you are a doctor or a law firm, our office planning department will ensure to tailor a solution that will be suitable just for you. With our nation-wide footprint, we’ll ensure to give you nothing but the best of service, after all we are Workstation Office Furniture, your trusted office furniture supplier.

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