Top 3 2019 Office Furniture Trends

We are almost halfway through the year. If your office furniture still has the 2018 look and feel you ought to be reading this blog. Why you ask yourself. Well, the answer is pretty simple – the workplace has changed drastically in the past 12 months. From technology to personnel so much has changed, and so should your office furniture.

After all an office is a reflection of each company and can be utilized as a tool to attract new employees and engage existing personnel alike. It is evident that transforming your office is not merely an investment in your employees but in the business itself. A 2014 study by HASSELL and Empirica Research established that investing in workplace design far more cost-effective for talent attraction than offering higher salaries or benefits.

Now that we all agree that investing in office furniture is the way to go in 2019 let’s look at the latest trends to get your office trendy and in style.


The sit-stand trend has throughout the globe. As more research was conducted, sitting all day has proven to not productive in industries across the board.

The Solution: Sit-stand desks.

These desks enable employees to vary between sitting and standing throughout the day seamlessly. Coupled with great ergonomic benefits such as relieving lower back pressure, the sit-stand desks are also known to curb the 3 pm slump.


The way we work is forever changing. Whether you work from home or your clients are on the other side of the globe, flexible working arrangements are made all the more effective when you have fast and reliable communication resources.

The Solution: HD Webcam

With video conferencing continuing to advance at a rapid rate, an HD webcam is a worthy investment in your company. A successful meeting requires clear communication and understanding, which is hard to achieve with poor image quality, glitches and a lagging video. Don’t wait for your next videoconference to go wrong, make sure your webcam is up to date and ready to go.


Imagine a boardroom with a chalkboard, or those ancient dry erase boards that are always full of dry ink that can’t be erased. Neither of these boards is ideal, especially when you have clients around.

The Solution: Glass Board

Glass boards are made of glass which means they’re non-porous. To make things even better, these non-absorbent boards allow you to draw or write a message of your choosing and leave it up for as long as you want. Whatever you had written on it won’t fade until you decide to wipe it off. That handy little feature is part of why these new-age boards have become the must-have in office furniture.

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