Office Inspiration from Twitter

Twitter – a micro-blogging phenomenon with over 145 million daily users. It should thus make sense that this social networking corporation has 35 offices across 20 countries.

Twitter is a social media platform that provides real-time insights and news from users all over the world. In a world currently run by social media, Twitter stands out. By limiting the number of characters allowed in a post or tweet, users have to find the most authentic and concise way to word their sentiments. They can also thread their thoughts in a number of tweets and use words and hashtags to track or block certain topics.

When anything worth talking about happens around the world at any given time, you can be sure to find Twitter booming. So their employees need to be ready to take on anything, and their environment needs to be just as dynamic as they are.

We’re going to show you around the Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco, as well as one of their exciting biophilic offices in Toronto.

Twitter HQ – San Francisco

twitter hq san francisco

The reception area is warm and welcoming, using woods and plants with a modern twist, as well as bright and elegant couches.

Plants are used as a subtle background feature in almost all of the spaces throughout the office. The wood is used again in the boardroom, which has a classic yet raw feel to it.

The brand’s signature blue comes out in the employee workspaces, which have a fun and focused aesthetic. Bright colours are used with purpose among neutrals.

The Twitter blue also comes out in the relaxation area!

Food is the fuel we all need to stay productive, and Twitter has taken this need and the eating experience very seriously with their stylish cafeteria and kitchen.

Twitter New Office – Toronto

twitter new office toronto

Biophilic design is a style of design which increases the connectivity to nature between inhabitant and environment. For their Toronto office, Twitter has gone with a biophilic aesthetic, which can be seen in their ample use of wood, plants and organic colour schemes.

The reception, being the first point of contact between visitors and the brand’s Canada office, is a prime example of this.

Encouraging collaborative work, there is a large breakout space to allow teams to work together naturally and achieve.

In workspaces like these, success is a stone’s throw away. So if you’re feeling inspired, start your office’s new trailblazing look at Workstation.



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